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What happens to life insurance after a divorce?

Q. What happens to life insurance after a divorce? If the primary beneficiary was a spouse when the policy was issued, but has since divorced, who gets the payout if the beneficiary was never changed? I find it hard to believe the insurance company can say it doesn’t have to pay because of a divorce. […]
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I’m young, single, and healthy, but I just bought $300,000 of life insurance and it was a no-brainer

As someone who’s young, single, and healthy, I never thought I needed life insurance until two of my younger family members died unexpectedly. Realizing that my own death could create a financial burden for my family members made it clear to me that life insurance is a no-brainer. To keep it affordable, I opted for […]
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With Covered California Deadline Approaching, Officials Say New Subsidies and Eligibility Requirements Are Available

If you want to sign up for health insurance through Covered California and enter 2020 insured, you’re running out of time. The Dec. 15 deadline to sign up in time to start the New Year with coverage is approaching and state officials are reminding California residents without health insurance that they will face a penalty […]

How bad teeth and lack of dental care can lead to poverty, discrimination

Gina Diaz-Nino considers herself an extrovert. But since her mouth began deteriorating after years of methamphetamine use and two fights, she receded into the shadows.  Her teeth are yellow, crooked and browning around the corners. Most of her top teeth are either chipped, missing or decaying. When they fell out, they crumbled like chalk. “I’ll […]

California’s health mandate penalty and coverage of immigrants in the state illegally, explained

A leader of a student group that supports President Donald Trump claimed that California is “putting illegals first” when it comes to health care. “Starting January 1, 2020, California will tax legal citizens if they don’t have health insurance. Why? The state needs to come up with $98,000,000 to pay for free health insurance for […]

Lights out in California again with high wildfire danger

ELIAS FUNEZ – ASSOCIATED PRESSA shopper looks at extension cords at B&C Ace hardware store, Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, in Grass Valley, Calif., in preparation of the planned Pacific Gas & Electric power shutdown scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.TEXT SIZEEMAILPRINTMORE SAN FRANCISCO — Pacific Gas & Electric Co. began shutting off electricity Wednesday to 375,000 […]

Here’s why Californians with health coverage are being hit with surprise fees

By DAVID LAZARUSBUSINESS COLUMNIST NOV. 19, 2019 5 AM Miriam Mandell, 96, has been paying for long-term care insurance for almost a quarter-century — and has watched as her premiums have steadily risen over the years. So she assumed a recent letter from her insurer, CNA Financial, was notifying her that her costs were going up yet again. […]

The Affordable Care Act keeps getting better

Premiums for Covered California insurance policies will increase by an average of $5 a month for 2020. (Los Angeles Times) Despite President Donald Trump’s best efforts at sabotage, the Affordable Care Act marketplaces appear to be doing quite well. Obamacare plan holders across the nation will average premium increases of less than 1% in 2020. […]

Insurance mandate returns in 2020 with additional sweetener

Those who drifted away from buying Covered California health insurance policies in 2019 because Congress dropped the tax penalties for going uninsured will face an entirely different situation in 2020. That’s because the state Legislature, expressing concern that allowing some to skip coverage could eventually cause premiums to increase, decided in June to mandate coverage. […]

Dialysis patients panic as financial ‘life raft’ becomes unmoored

Russell Desmond received a letter a few weeks ago from the American Kidney Fund that he said felt like “a smack on the face.” The organization informed Desmond, who has kidney failure and needs dialysis three times a week, that it will no longer help him pay for his private health insurance plan — to […]