Health Insurance Suddenly Just Got Cheaper for a Lot of People

Beth Skwarecki Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images 2017 is a strange year to buy health insurance. Some weird and bad things have happened, and it seems like we should expect insurance plans to become more expensive. But it turns out that a lot of people may now be able to get cheaper insurance, and for an odd […]

Facing a big health insurance premium hike? Blame the kids

A young girl has her blood pressure measured during a physical exam. (Jonathan Kirn / Getty Images / The Image Bank) Courtney Perkes Dede Kennedy-Simington, an insurance agent in Pasadena, was “totally dismayed” when she learned recently that the premium on her family’s Blue Shield PPO would rise $391 a month next year — driven […]

Senate Republicans Are Now Making Signing Up for Health Insurance as Lousy as Possible

BILL CLARK/CQ ROLL CALL Helping people get covered should not be a partisan issue. The Affordable Care Act’s 2018 open enrollment period began on Wednesday, allowing Americans who do not have access to health insurance through their employer or the government to purchase marketplace coverage. For Republican legislators, this event comes as yet another unwelcome […]
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