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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements

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Get Medicare supplement insurance to help pay some of your out-of-pocket costs that Medicare will not pay.

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Coming up with a well informed decision

It's smart to study the basics of Medicare Supplements insurance plans before you decide which plan is best for you. This page provides an overview of how Medicare Supplement insurance works with Medicare Parts A and B, including when you can apply, and who is eligible.

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Be familiar with Medicare Supplements insurance plans

Here are a few fundamentals about Medicare Supplement insurance plans:

  • Supplements work only with your Original Medicare  - You need to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. You keep all your Medicare rights and privileges.
  • Supplements pay for the gaps in Medicare – They are often called Medi-Gap plans. They pay for deductibles & coinsurance charges.
  • Supplements plans are standardized  - There 11 different Supplement plans types designated by the letters A, B, C, D, F, Hi-F,G,K,L,M, and N. Medical benefits are the same in each letter type with all carriers. Therefore a Plan F from any company provides the exact same medical insurance coverage as a Plan F from any other. The main differences are monthly premiums and occasionally a value added benefit, like a Fitness Club membership. Carriers are not required to offer all plan types. Plan F offers the most coverage.
  • Freedom to choose your doctor - See any Medicare-approved doctor, specialist or hospital. No networks. No referrals needed.
  • Flexible – Choose from a wide range of plan types and premiums. Buy only the coverage you need.
  • Guaranteed renewable – Your plan stays with you year after year. You can’t be canceled except for non-payment of premium.
  • Portable – Your plan travels with you anywhere in the USA. Some plans include emergency foreign travel benefits.

Will prescription medication coverage be provided?

Medicare Supplement insurance plans offered after 2006 do not have prescription drug coverage. You need a Medicare (Part D) prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage with Part D included to get prescription drug coverage.

Just when was the perfect time to purchase the Medicare Supplements insurance plan?

The perfect time to purchase is actually within your Medicare Supplements Open Enrollment Period. Your personal Medicare Supplements Open Enrollment Period will last for 6 months. It begins on the 1st day of the month that you are:

  • Age 65 or older
  • Enrolled in Medicare Part B

As soon as your six-month Medicare Supplements Open Enrollment Period begins, it cannot be altered. Nevertheless, in certain situations, you will have the ability to obtain a Medicare Supplement policy just outside of your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period. In a few states such plans might be accessible to individuals less than the age of 65. For all those applying for a Medicare Supplement coverage prior to age 65, your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period starts on the 1st day you’re opted in for Medicare Part B.

Exactly what are the conditions for Medicare Supplement plan qualifications?

You are able to make application for Medicare Supplements coverage insurance policy when you're:

  • Reside within the state in which the coverage is offered.
  • Enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Age 65 or older, in certain states, under the age of  65 with a disability and/or end stage renal disease.

In addition, you could be eligible for a confirmed issue right into Medicare Supplements plan, no matter regarding your personal medical history, should you satisfy certain requirements for example applying within your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period. Guidelines in a few states will vary.

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